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Hey, what’s up? We’re Yellow Hat Labs. We’re a full-service artisanal agency collective, with a culture built for the relevance of the now era. With our powers combined, we’ve experimented and it’s resulted in helping brands of every size find their way in the world at the intersection of attention, creativity, and innovation. And we thrive when turning cultural value into company values.

7 Step Aproach

Lets Build Awesome Together

The best possible insight into the project mission & goal in order to build the perfect solution that will exceed the criteria.
Upon gathering all ideas, I devote myself to profound business analysis and feasibility reports.
By learning from the data I’ve gathered on the client’s idea, market potentials, current competitors & current and potential users, I’m able to start working on directions for possible solutions for the project.
UI design stands for User Interface Design and it’s the actual look and feel of the product. The goal is to create an attractive, visually stimulating interface that will match the purpose and personality of the product and the brand. This process requires a high amount of collaboration and iteration to get the things right.
I tend to make the development phase as agile as possible, to allow my clients a more effective workflow and a closer collaboration.
By using a proven process, up-to-date technology stack and constantly testing and improving each segment of the product, I ensure a high-quality product that will match expected results.
Now that the product has been fully built out and that it behaves in the way I intended it to, you will be asked to formally approve it. Once the product is out in the open, undiscovered issues might start coming. I don’t just finish a project and say goodbye to you. That’s when long-term relationship comes in handy. I monitor results and evolve, adapt to new challenges and get things done.

We’re consumer-centric, not boardroom-centric.

We’re all practitioners and we do the work 2

We scale the unscalable.

We’re all practitioners and we do the work.

We have humility and curiosity to find right not to debate what’s right for months on end.

Work Hat

Tyson Moultrie was a mayoral candidate for New Bedford, MA in 2019 making it from the preliminary election to the general election against the 8-year incumbent, Jon Mitchell
Born from a vision by owners Stacey & Luis Gonsalves to offer a delicious healthier choice, Juice’d Café is a food service business committed to providing a convenient source of healthy and wholesome food at an affordable price to the community.
GotChew provides reliable delivery from your favorite restaurants and more in the Greater New Bedford and Fall River areas.
VOTE New Bedford is a nonpartisan initiative that is on a mission to increase participation in every election through voter registration, education and engagement in the Greater New Bedford area.